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Trunk and spine (Oak ladder), 2012, Oak, screws and bolts close web.jpg

Trunk and spine (Oak ladder), 2012
Oak, screws and bolts
Site specific installation at I-park, Connecticut, USA.
2 or 3 years ago this Evergreen tree was damaged in a storm where it lost approximately half of its trunk. Due to the extent of the damage, the survival of the tree was in question. This installation works as an aid to re-balance the structure; an oak accessory for a unique Douglas Fir. The clean break of the trunk consequentially revealed a 350-degree lookout of I-Park’s buildings and woodland. The chair sited on top of the trunk facilities the audience to sit in a space that normally would be solid wood and view the changing landscape from 23ft in the air.
To view a video of this work please click here.