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2003 – 2006 B.A. Hons Fine Art Sculpture, University of Brighton.
First Class Honours.
2002 – 2003 Art and Design Foundation, University of the West of England.

2016 Arts Council England, Grant for the Arts, to explore casting molten rock.
2015 GAIN Trust Grant
2015 Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Award.
2006 Burt, Brill and Cardens Peoples Art Award, University of Brighton.
2006 Burt, Brill and Cardens Second Prize, University of Brighton

2017 Curious Formations, Trust New Art, Biddulph Grange Garden, UK
2013 STILL/life, Trust New Art, Leigh Woods, Bristol, UK.
2013 Art, Cities & Landscapes, Amiens, France.
2012 Digital Art Commission with Exeter University at C.A.L.M, UK
2011 Kunst & Zwalm biennale, Zwalm, Belgium.
2007 Upstaging nature, Lookoutpost, London, UK
2007 FRED 2007, Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK

2015 Resident artist at Hestercombe gallery and gardens, Somerset, UK.
2012 Expand, Explore, Expose Residency, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria
2012 Resident artist at Stapleton Road Tavern, Bristol, UK.
2011 I-park, Artist in Residence, Connecticut, USA.
2009 Artist in residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada.
2009 Project Room research space, at Ace Art Inc, Winnipeg, Canada.
2008 'Coup de Pouce' residency at L'H du Siege in Valenciennes, France

Work and Workshops
Now - 2012 Co-director of ‘Ore and Ingot’ bronze foundry, Bristol.
2017 Visiting lecturer at Plymouth University.
2017 Making Oak Gall ink for the tree charter commission by Woodland Trust
2016 Visiting Lecturer at University of Gloucester.
2016 Workshop at UCL, Institute of Materials, London.
2016 Process, Material, Alchemy workshop, University of Gloucester.
2016 Live lava pour, Spike Island Open studio, Bristol.
2015 Workshop on making Oak Gall Ink at Spike Island, Bristol.
2012 Tree resin Workshops for the Forestry Commission, Grizedale, UK
2008 – 2010 Part-time lecturer in Sculpture at Hastings College.

Solo and two person exhibitions
2016 Is it magma?, Earth Gallery, University of Bristol, UK
2016 A Solid Above, Hardwick Gallery (with Solveig Settemsdal)
2012 DIY Metallurgy, The Motorcycle Showroom, (with David Snoo Wilson)
2009 Pools in their shadows, 43a gallery, Bristol.

Selected group exhibitions
2016 Decapod, Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent, UK
2015 Conversation Pieces, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol, UK
2015 Second Site, Hestercombe gallery, Taunton, Somerset, UK.
2013 Rhod 2013, Melin Glonc, Drefelin, Wales, UK
2012 Neoreplicants, Exeter Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, UK.
2012 Expand, Explore, Expose, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria
2012 llusoriamente, European Conference on Visual Perception, Sardinia
2012 Art Roots, Grizedale Forest, UK
2012 Bristol Affortable art fair, Antlers gallery, Bristol.
2012 Other Nature, Antlers gallery, London.
2011 Able, Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2011 What will we do when, The Motorcycle Showroom, Bristol.
2011 Nocturne, Hand in glove, 2 Park Street, Bristol.
2011 Victorian cloakroom, Park row, Bristol.
2010 The Island Artists Exhibition, Old Police Station, Bristol.
2010 All systems go, Departure galley, London.
2010 The middle of nowhere, Departure gallery, London.
2008 Artsway OPEN08, Artsway, Sway.
2008 Adventures in gravity, The Foundry, London.
2008 CUBE open, Centre for Urban Built Environment, Manchester.
2008 Slow, Edward Cullinan Architects, London.
2007 FRED 2007, Sugar Tongue in Whitehaven, Cumbria.
2007 Upstaging nature, Lookoutpost, London.
2007 The Third Space, Regency Town House Basement, Brighton.
2007 Price, “Da” (Direct Action) arts group, London.
2006 'Tag' Permanent gallery, Brighton.
2006 Burt, Brill and Cardens Graduate show, University of Brighton.
2005 Max 5 Film festival, Cafe? Gallery Projects, Southwark, London.
2005 Black Market, Municipal market, Brighton.

Selected Publications
- Curious Formations - Exhibition catalogue, 2017, edition of 5000.
- Art, villes and paysage / Art, Cities & Landscape, Amien catalogue 2013 - 2014, Printed in France (Leclerc / Abbeville) in 2015.
- Hestercombe ‘Second Site’ catalogue, 2015, limited edition of 1000.
- Expand, Explore, Expose - Exhibition catalogue, 2012,Gutenberg-Werbering Gesellschaft Linz, Austria.
- Kunst and Zwalm Catalogue. 2011, Zwalm, Belgium.
‘A series of exit signs’ essay by Sam Playford-Greenwell, published by the Motorcycle Showrooms, Bristol, 2011.